Luxory Microcontinent

A257 (on its temporary name) or Luxory is a Microcontinent located at Coordinates 639-640/1036-1038, Grid Sector F10, Far West Ocean, inside A107 Sim Cluster.

History Edit

Data from [ Gridsurvey] shows that this tiny microcontinent (or at least parts of it) was formed in 2008. However, since it is located inside a Sim Cluster, SLGI team decided to publish it as a distinct grid structure only in June 2015.

Structure Edit

Luxory is made of 4 sims and is placed inside A107 Sim Cluster, West to Steelhead Microcontinent. The two have similar shapes, long and sharp, but different colors.

Geography Edit

Land is flat. No hills have been detected. Ground texture resembles that of sand, but almost all land is covered with buildings. There is a network of roads that stretches throughout the microcontinent. Parcels between roads have square shapes. Almost all land is used for something. Majority of buildings resemble that of a town. There are a lot of shops and places to hangout. Population density is high. Vegetation is tropical.

Land Status Edit

Land is owned by a single estate. There is not much land for sale.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Last Rescue

See Also Edit

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