Lovers - Whispers

This Microcontinent also has the transitory name A104. Its Coordinates are 676-681/986-989. It can be found in Grid Sector F9, inside Far West Ocean, at its Eastern border.

History Edit

When it was discovered by SLGI team (2013), it was made of 7 sims. A smaller part (Whispers sims) were connected only through corners. However, on July 2015, the Whispers sims have vanished and the Lovers part have lost a sim.

Structure Edit

The microcontinent is made of 6 sims, creating a rectangle.

Geography Edit

Lovers Playground is a large place with sex beds for testing and for sale. So, it is probably the largest multi-sim shop on the grid.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Lovers PlayGround 1
  • Lovers PlayGround
  • Lovers Escapes
  • Lovers PlayGround SexBed

See Also Edit

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