I9 sector

The Lindenworld is a structure on the map, placed at Coordinates 920-936/947-960, Grid Sector I9, Little Pacific Ocean. It is a Sim Cluster that contains two microcontinents inside. It has the temporary name A161. It is West to Estate Continent and South to Caledon - Winterfel.

History Edit

data from Gridsurvey shows that these sims are some of the oldest on grid.

Structure Edit

Unfortunately, access is not opened for public. We could not investigate this land.

Sims wothout public access Edit

The West Microcontinent is formed of 4 sims: LindenWorld A, LindenWorld B, LindenWorld C, LindenWorld D. The East microcontinent also contains 4 sims: Linden Lab HQ 1, Linden Lab HQ 2, Linden Lab HQ 3, Linden Lab HQ 4. To East, there are other 2 sims: ll Immersive Workspaces and ll Immersive Workspaces 2, linked together. Another sim in South-East is named MarketingSL Island. In South-West, a sim is named LindenWorld Executive. Other more distant sims are PR Island, Madeira and NOC Island.

All these sims are Linden-owned (mainland).

Sims with public access Edit

P Squared, Hippo Hollow, Hippo Island. P Squared is not Linden-owned land. The other two are connected together and are owned by one of the Lindens.

See Also Edit

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