Linden Estate

A182 is the temporary name of this Microcontinent. It is placed at Coordinates 1025-1031/1014-1016, Grid Sector J10, Central Ocean, North to Sansara, at only 10 sims away from the continent.

History Edit

It is not known when A182 was formed. SLGI team discovered it in autumn 2013. Since then, it did not change significantly. The only changes are in Terraform Me sim (first it looked like a heart, now it looks like a butterfly).

Structure & Geography Edit

This microcontinent is made of 14 interesting and themed sims. They are opened for public and can be visided by anyone. These sims are also for sale, if somebody is interested. They are the themed sims allready built for residents who want their own island. If you decide to have your own island, it will not be inside Linden Estate, but it will look like what is in here.

The crater found in The Moonbase sim is one of the 3 mainland meteorite craters. The other ones are in Sharp Continent and Jeogeot - Mountains Of Jeogeot.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Turkeyform Me
  • Linden Estate Services
  • Linden Estate Services 2
  • Linden Estate Services 3
  • Linden Estate Services 4
  • Baronial Castle
  • Hippo Hills Island
  • The Conference Center
  • Loch Linden
  • The Theatre
  • Ruth's Retreat
  • Moonbase
  • Prima Point
  • Plain Plains.

Land Status Edit

All land is Linden-owned. All land is accessible, only that in some places scripts are not allowed.

See Also Edit

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