One of the LR microcontinents


LR sims in 2015

The LR Sims (or A009, as their transitory name) are forming a Sim Cluster containing a few Microcontinents, located at Coorcinates 1139-1166/1196-1210, Grid Sector K11 and Grid Sector K12, Eastern Ocean.

History Edit

The LR sims were the 9th grid structure discovered by SLGI team, in April 2013. At that time, they were made of 7 identical microcontinents. To East, there were two smaller ones (but when zoomed to minimum, it was clear that they had the same shape).

Structure Edit

As for August 2015, there are 3 microcontinents, followed by two smaller ones, further to East. The two small microcontinents have in fact the same size with the large ones, but some of their sims are not always visible. Each microcontinent is made of 12 sims, resulting a total of 60 sims.

Geography Edit

Every microcontinent has an the same structure, 12 sims, all with a lot of green. On map, there are also two possible rivers, green. All sims have in name the letters LR followed by a number.

As seen on map, they are one of the most beautiful structures on map.

Access is restricted to this place, so we could not investigate them. This is strange, since there are a lot of infohubs and also a lot of people is there (as seen on map). From Gridsurvey, these sims are found to be rating general and to be mainland (Linden-owned land). This is one of the few Linden-owned places where access is not allowed for public. There are a few images on Snapzilla [1] for one of the LR sims.

It is possible that these sims are in fact places for testings. The only confirmation is the Snapzilla images. Also, the comments suggest that LR comes from Linden Research.

Very interesting is that, from time to time, part of (or entire) microcontinents vanish or are created. In March 20th, 2014, only 3 microcontinents and parts of other two were found.

Sim Examples Edit

  • LR 203
  • LR 6
  • LR 27
  • LR 171

See Also Edit

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