LH Test

A226 - LH Test is a Sim Group or a Microcontinent located at Coordinates 1293-1296/1363-1364, Grid Sector L13, Eastern Ocean.

History Edit

At the autumn 2013 survey, SLGI team found a dark spot on map, but it vanished soon. In spring 2014, the dark spot appeared again and was classified as a microcontinent. Since numbers are higher then 10, it is clear that there were more sims at some time.

Structure Edit

A226 is basically a Microcontinent formed of 3 sims. However, a 4th sim, invisible on the map, can be found further in North. All sims are named LH Test, with a number added.

Geography Edit

Land is flat. There are a few premium homes there, looking just like in the Premium Continents, only that they have no inhabitants.

Land Status Edit

Land is opened for visitors. There are many premium homes, just like in Premium Continents. Land is owned by Governor Linden, so it is mainland. Probably this is a place for testing premium homes.

Sim Examples Edit

  • LH Test 9
  • LH Test 13
  • LH Test 14
  • LH Test 2

See Also Edit

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