Korea Microcontinent

A358 is the transitory name for Korea, a Microcontinent discovered at Coordinates 1033-1034/970-971, Grid Sector J9, Central Ocean.

History Edit

Data from Gridsurvey shows that Korea was built in 2008. Some members from SLGI team found the microcontinent in 2012, before the SLGI team was created, but they reported that they could not find it again. So, Korea was offline at some time.

Structure Edit

Korea is made of 4 sims and has a compact shape.

Geography Edit

In North, land is more smooth, like a large plain. There are many roads that divide the land into squares, probably forming the infrastructure of a future town. In South, there are less roads and more hills. Rivers are present.

At the border between all 4 sims, there are infohubs.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Korea1
  • Korea2
  • Korea3
  • Korea4

Land Status Edit

Access is granted for public. It is good to go first at the infohubs. In some parts, scripts are not allowed.

See Also Edit

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