A142 is the temporary name given to this Microcontinent by the SLGI team. It has Coordinates 879-883/1048-1052, that places it inside Grid Sector H10, Western Ocean. It is West to Caledon - Winterfel and North to Uhre Continent.

History Edit

In early 2014, the microcontinent was made of 10 sims. and looked like a hook. In July 2015, it consisted of 5 sims, with additional two in contact at one corner. The two were once part of the microcontinent. In past, it had suspended roads and even airports.

Structure Edit

The microcontinent is composed of 5 sims, with two additional ones in West. It is located inside A302 Sim Cluster.

Geography Edit

Usually, altitude is low and more then half of the land is covered by Water. The sims have Japanese names. In North, islands are larger then in South. Since the old suspended road network vanished, ports now have to take all the cargo to waterways.

Parts of the microcontinent resemble a Tropical Beach Paradise.

Not all parcels have access for public.

Sim Examples Edit

  • shin zushi
  • zushi
  • jane
  • eboshi

See Also Edit

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