Isles Sim Cluster

Isles (or A039 on its temporary name) is a Sim Cluster placed in Grid Sector H10, Western Ocean. Coordinates are 832-851/1068-1092.

History Edit

A039 was the 39th grid structure identified by SLGI team in April 2013. Since then, it sowly growth in size. First estimations were of 50 sim, while in July 2015, 84 sims were counted.

Structure Edit

The sim cluster is composed of maximum 84 sims, some of them in contact at their corners. It is difficuld to further divide the sim cluster into smaller divisions. Nearly all sims share the world isles in their name.

Geography Edit

Majority of sims are undvided, but some of them are split (usually by mountains) into smaller parcels. Land variation is high, but usually there is a flat area for building, usually in center. In many places, land has a sandy texture and there are tropical plants, also water is present. There are many residential buildings, but not only.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Syn Isles
  • Cultured Paradise
  • Augest Isles
  • Sunny Isles

Land Status Edit

Our survey, based on random teleporting, found no Land With Restricted Access, but it is possible that it still exists.

See Also Edit

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