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Hunger - First Blood is a vampire system, the second largest in Second Life after Bloodlines.

Overall Edit

Hunger is more a combat system then a vampire system. Central piece of the game is a HUD, one of the many existing ones. Then, players have to join a family. Players are able to attack others from other families, to kill them. Each time they kill, they use some of their blood (also named strength). To refill, players have 3 options: to request help from family leaders, to buy strength or to bite non-registered players.

Unlike Bloodlines Vampire System, humans can be bitten without them even knowing. Each human (fellow resident) has 8 units of strength. Depending on what HUD you have, you can drain from 2 to 8 units. Strength will regenerate until next day. However, getting 1000 units of strength (good enough to kill another player), will require a lot of work.

Less spam Edit

Because there are no bite requests, it can be considered that Hunger First Blood creates no spam. If a non-registered player decides to join Hunger, there will be no implications from the past. Also, since there are no possessed souls, the Soul Controversial that made so much noise inside Bloodlines, simply does not exist within Hunger.

Hunger takes spam, griefers and other bad activities very seriously. The punishment is very hard:

1st Offense...... 24 hour group, land, and hud removal.
2nd Offense..... 1 week group, land, and hud removal.
3rd Offense...... 30 day group, land, and hud removal.
Anything after three will be held to the discretion of the game owner). 

Demography Edit

A scan made on 100 residents showed that all 100 were humans (residents not registered into Hunger). From them, only one has been bitten. Based on these results, even if they are subject to major errors, we can estimate that there are about 500 bitten residents throughout the grid, assuming a world population of 50000 online residents. Since no Hunger player was detected, we assume that their number is low or they are not shown while not wearing the HUD.

Since Hunger database is not public and you need to register in order to see statistics, we will not publish data from there.

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