Helmheim Subcontinent

Helmheim is the name of an island on East side of Nautilus. It covers 3 sims. Around, there are 12 sims of Protected Land open water. The waters to East are part of Linden Pathway. Technically, the 3 inhabited sims, together with the 12 protected sims, can be included into a single Subcontinent.

Source of the name is unclear, but must be of German origin.

Coordinates are 1135-1070/1035-1072. SLGI team gave this subcontinent the transitory name B003.

Structure Edit

Helmheim is formed of 3 sims, all aligned in a row, with maximum water access. They are named Kisping, Thorstar and Jibber.

Geography Edit


Altitude map

Seen from the map, it looks like there is a single large island. However, altitude map revealed the presence of a channel that splits it in two. The Southern island is smaller and covers only one sim. The Northern island is larger and in North-East (Wabern sim) enter on protected land.

Maximum Altitude is 39 meters. At that height, ground texture is grass.

Constructions Edit

Inside Thorstar sim, there is a Small Railway. Buildings are of many types. There is even a jungle pyramid.

Vegetation Edit

There are a lot of palm trees. Vegetation is tropical. Helmheim is a Tropical Beach Paradise.

Land Status Edit

All 3 sims are owned by rental corporations.

See Also Edit

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