HOC Microcontinent

A242 (on its temporary name) is also known as HOC Microcontinent. It is a Microcontinent found at Coordinates 649-649/1384-1387, Grid Sector F13, North - West Ocean.

History Edit

It was discovered by SLGI team in June 2015. Data from [ Gridsurey] shows that each sim has a different age, varying from 2008 to 2013. so, the microcontinent must be new, even if parts of it are old.

Structure Edit

It is made of 4 sims linked together in a row.

Geography Edit

Land is usually flat, divided into many parcels, separated by canals of water. In Eternal Love, there is a sculpted mountain, where altitude reaches 115 meters (with a crucifix on top), but the rest is flat.

There are finished and unfinished buildings for rent all over the place. Vegetation is also present, in many forms.

Land Status Edit

Land is owned by a single estate. There is land available for rent. The estate offers terrain, finished or unfinished buildings for rent. Land With Restricted Access is present (but rare). Protected Land does not exist.

Sim Examples Edit

  • HOP Residential 2
  • Eternal Love
  • House of Prayer
  • HOP Residential

See Also Edit

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