Grid Sector K11

Grid Sector K11 is located at Coordinates 1100-1200/1100-1200 , in Eastern Ocean. It is linked with Grid Sector K12 in North, Grid Sector K10 in South, Grid Sector L11 in East and Grid Sector J11 in East.

General Info Edit

Structure Edit

K11 is dominated by the large A188 Sim Cluster, also known as West Gaeta Sea. It contains 200 sims and it has its own microcontinents. This sim cluster is home of many teen estates (usually universities). Gaeta 1 is an unfinished mainland continent. Also, a few sims from Corsica are found far to South. Void Ocean is found in East, from where it stretches a few branches to West. A few other sim clusters are located in East.

Unassociated Sims are present, but rare.

Internal Grid Structures Edit

See Also Edit

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