Grid Sector I9

Grid Sector I9 is located at Coordinates 900-1000/900-1000, in Little Pacific Ocean and Western Ocean. It is linked to North with Grid Sector I10, to South with Grid Sector I8, to West with Grid Sector H9 and to East with Grid Sector J9.

General Info Edit

Structure Edit

The dominant feature of this grid sector is the sim agglomeration created by Estate Continent and Estate Sim Cluster. Together, they contain nearly 400 sims, half of entire sim population. Other notable sim density increases are the other sim clusters, microcontinents and the presence of a tiny part of Sansara. The continent Jeogeot is very close, inside Grid Sector J9.

By studying the ownership of all sims inside I9, it is easy to see that:

  1. There are a few land corporations united (probably with the same leader) owning Estate Continent and part of the surrounding sims.
  2. There are many sims rated as mainland (Linden-owned): research areas, places for tests and sandboxes).
  3. Institutions are present (teen estates, usually universities).
  4. There are many small estate corporations, owning one or a few sims.

Unassociated Sims are present and have a low density. Some of them can be grouped into unclear sim clusters.

Internal Grid Structures Edit

See Also Edit

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