Grid Sector H13

Grid Sector H13 is located at Coordinates 800-900/1300-1400, in Western Ocean. It is linked with Grid Sector H12 in South, Grid Sector H14 in North, Grid Sector G13 in West and Grid Sector I13 in East.

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Sim density is high, above average. Even so, the majority of sims found here are Unassociated Sims. There is only one differentiated sim cluster, together with many microcontinents. The most interesting fact is the high number of unassociated sims. Almost all microcontinents are small and have been discovered in July 2015. Many of them are new.

At a close look, it is possible to differentiate some of the unassociated sims into sim clusters, but fixing their boundaries will be difficult.

There is a new continent.

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