Grid Sector G10

Grid Sector G10 is located at Coordinates 700-800/1000-1100, in Western Ocean. It is linked with Grid Sector G11 to North, with Grid Sector G9 to South, with Grid Sector H10 to East and with Grid Sector F10 to West.

General Info Edit

Structure Edit

G10 has one of the lowest sim densities for a grid sector with no void ocean. Half of its sims are hosted inside grid structures. It has 4 notable sim clusters and a few microcontinents. Also, it is home of Freedom Continent. The high number of sim clusters, compared to a low number of microcontinents is something rare.

What is amazing about G10 is its contrasted history. So, this was the home of Irish - Bonaire Continent, one of the Vanished Grid Structures. The continent itself has undergone massive changes, until it finally died. A tiny sim cluster was left for a while, until it got absorbed into a larger sim cluster. Also, A38 (Freedom Microcontinent), has grown up to the point where it became a Continent. Also, Romanum Microcontinent migrated from grid sector E7 to here. On the other hand, A120 Sim Cluster remained unchanged for two years, without losing or adding a single sim.

Internal Grid Structures Edit

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