Green Bay Microcontinent

A253 is the transitory name of Green Bay Microcontinent, a Microcontinent discovered at Coordinates 674-677/1070-1071, Grid Sector F10, Western Ocean.

History Edit

A253 is (or at least, was in June 2015) the newest grid structure. It did not appear on survey images in June 1st 2015, but it appeared on June 20th. So, the entire microcontinent was created during the survey.

Structure Edit

It is composed of 7 sims, placed in a double row.

Geography Edit

From the 7 sims, 3 are completely flooded, while other 3 are flooded 80%. The remaining 2, contain large sand islands, forming a Tropical Beach Paradise. In Green Bay Horus, there are two mountains, the highest altitude was measured at 71 meters. In Magic Place, where is the largest island, all land is flat.

Water has a different, light-blue color.

Land Status Edit

Land is owned by a single estate. Since the microcontinent is so new, there is a lot of undeveloped land.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Green Bay Horus
  • Green Bay Graca
  • Green Bay Sedna
  • Green Bay Sea

See Also Edit

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