Goronbum Passage

The Goronbum Passage is a short navigable waterway that allows a connection between Dire Strait and North Channel. It is a Geographic Structure.

Structure Edit

Goronbum Passage stretches through Goronbum sim. It also includes small areas of two nearby sims. it is a narrow stripe of water. In some parts, it is not deep. Navigation is limited to small ships. It closely follows the sim border.

Transit Edit

The Goronbum Passage is useful for small boats and helicopters. Along the way, there are places where in a limited space the pilot needs to turn the vehicle by 90 degrees. Fast moving ships or planes will have no chance, they will enter nearby parcels. At the South end, there is a parcel that does not allow scripts to work, a thing that can be a disaster for a vehicle.

Automated transport is present. The Yava Script Pods use this passage to enter Dire Strait and the roads in South Nautilus. SLGI Fleet use it to reach Satori. The passage is vital for Nautilus Strait Project and is the most easy way for automated vehicles to bypass Nautilus.

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