Gold Coast Australia

A314 or Gold Coast Australia is a Microcontinent located at Coordinates 925-926/1210-1213, Grid Sector I12, Northern Ocean.

History Edit

Gridsurvey shows that sims from A314 are old. They have been created in 2008. However, the SLGI team compared images from May 25th and July 19th 2015 and found out that the microcontinent has changed its shape.

Structure Edit

A314 is made of 6 sims and has not a compact shape. It is at the border of A063 Sim Cluster.

Geography Edit

It is a luxurious Tropical Beach Paradise. Altitude is low, not much above sea level. The microcontinent includes a large square, roads, water channels with glass fences and a market.

Land Status Edit

There is no restriction for visitors.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Angels Island
  • Spirit Island
  • Le Meridian
  • Hot City

See Also Edit

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