Galaxy Microcontinent

A305 is the transitory name given to Galaxy, a Microcontinent located at Coordinates, 834-835/1037-1038, Grid Sector H10, Western Ocean.

History Edit

Since A305 is very small, it was not observed during surveys made by SLGI team. However, data from Gridsurvey shows that this microcontinent was created in March 2008.

Structure Edit

A305 is also known as GFC or GalaxyFleetCommand. It is made of 4 sims placed in a compact square.

Geography Edit

A305 has small hills and some water. Ground texture is green.

What is amazing here is the building style. All staff looks like it was brought from the future. All constructions are from a sci-fi era. There is a Monorail here, together with some stargates. It certainly deserves a visit.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Sovereign
  • Aeon
  • Galaxy
  • Constellation

See Also Edit

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