GEL Sim Clsuter

A331 is the transitory name for GEL, a Sim Cluster located at Coordinates 1067-1074/1315-1325, Grid Sector J13, Northern Ocean.

History Edit

Data from Gridsurvey shows that construction of this sim cluster started in 2013. However, since its sims were added one at a time, for a long time, A331 was a Sim Group hard to separated from the Unassociated Sims.

Structrue Edit

A331 is made of 15 sims, with mathematical disposition. The central ones share the common name GEL Community, while the other ones have different names.

Geography Edit

Land is composed of flat parcels, separated by mountains or terraces. In some areas, hills or lakes can be found. Usually, there is water close to sim borders.

Land is used in various ways. A traveler will find anything from BDSM places to wilderness (a jungle) and many residential parcels.

Land Status Edit

Almost all land is ranked Adult. There is no (or almost no) Protected Land. Land With Restricted Access exists.

Sim Examples Edit

  • GEL Community 8
  • Malka
  • GEL Community 2
  • GEL Community

See Also Edit

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