France Microcontinent

A339 is the transitory name for France (or France 3D), a Microcontinent identified at Coordinates 1032-1036/197-1199, Grid Sector J11, Little Northern Ocean.

History Edit

SLGI team discovered A339 in August 2015. Previous surveys (2014) detected another microcontinent (A058, now listed as Vanished Grid Structures).

Structure Edit

France 3D is made of 7 sims and it is a long and thin microcontinent.

Geography Edit

There is a huge diversity of Geographic features. FRANCE3D Chamonix is a place where Altitude reaches high values: 148 meters. It is a Snowland. A ski line is present.

By contrast, FRANCE3D Porquerolles is a Tropical Beach Paradise, with low altitude and a few islands.

The 5 central sims, forming a long East-West row, have some common features. Land is flat (with only very little exceptions). Water is present, but covers only limited areas. In many cases, a fake (sculpted) land covers the ground. There are many paths that separate parcels. Land is divided into square-shape parcels, owned or set for sale.

Buildings are of various styles. Unconventional architecture is found in many places.

Water is sometimes very deep.

Land Status Edit

Land is owned by a single estate. There is land available for sale. Land With Restricted Access is rare. All roads are Protected Land.

Sim Examples Edit

  • FRANCE3D Sentu Novio
  • FRANCE3D Porquerolles
  • FRANCE3D Chamonix

See Also Edit

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