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Fairchang is a small private continent, made of a central group of sims, some remote islands, a sandbox island and a community airstrip. All sims share the word FairChang in their name. The Geography of this continent is composed of many big and small islands and navigable waters. Fairchang is a private continent offering tropical-themed land for sale.

In mid 2016, the Fairchang Continent was entirely repositioned and attached to Nautilus and Satori Continents, at the western end of the Bingo Strait water sims. It is therefore possible to fly and sail from the mainland to the Fairchang Continent.

SLGI team gave this continent the transitory name C020.

History Edit

The continent was discovered by SLGI team in April 2013. At that time, it had 35 sims and was surrounded by other 4. Until 2015, it has shrunk to 32 and 5 sims were located nearby. This lead to the theory that what we see now is only a part of a much larger continent and the nearby sims are remnants of its ancient shape and size.

Statistic data Edit

  • Size in sims: 32 sims (7/9)
  • Size in km: 2.10 square km (2.05/1.97 km)
  • Continent + islands: 32+5=37 sims = 2.42 square km
  • Sea sims (flooded):
  • Coast sims (water access): 32
  • Land sims (no water): 0
  • Sims with road access: probably 0
  • Population density: med-low

Geography Edit

Fairchang continent is composed of islands. Many of them have irregular shape, but some of them have rectangular shape, like in Estate Continent. Usually, ground texture is made to look like sand. Altitude is low. More then half of the land is submerged and no parcel is higher then 40 meters.

There is Land With Restricted Access on some parcels, but access is possible throughout the whole continent by flying or by Water.

Transportation Edit

Waterway Efficiency Index is calculated at the value of 12.150, a high value. However, since many waterways are not wide enough, this index is true for a boat. For a large ship, the real index is below 7. In reality, the index is even smaller, since in many places waterways are used only to separate parcels.

Coordinates Edit

The following Coordinates are in sims, with the format longitude(min-max)/latitude(min-max). Coordinates can be obtained from Gridsurvey [1] for every sim or inworld with a script that works with the llRequestSimulatorData or llGetRegionCorner functions.

  • Continent: 911-918/849-857
  • Continent + islands: 910-920/849-859
  • Grid Sector I8

Sim Examples Edit

  • FairChang Neptuno
  • FairChang Isla
  • FairChang Mar
  • FairChang Coral
  • FairChang Cumbres
  • FairChang Cabos
  • FairChang Kumori
  • FairChang Ria

See also Edit

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