J9 sector

A043 is the transitory name for Estate Sandboxes, a Sim Cluster composed of 4 Microcontinents. It is located close to A207 - Estate Sim Cluster, Grid Sector J9 and is the border line between Little Pacific Ocean and Central Ocean. Coordinates are 1023-1024/932-962.

History Edit

A043 was the 43th grid structure discovered by SLGI team in April 2013 (this is where it got its transitory name). At that time, it was made of 4 microcontinents, each one made of 4 sims. After a few months, some of the microcontinents lost one sim. Later, the sim was recovered and vanished again. The total number of sims varied between 12 and 16.

Structure Edit

A043 can be considered a part of A207 - Estate Sim Cluster, but since its discovery, it was used as a border line between Little Pacific Ocean and Central Ocean. As seen on map, A043 separates the high density of sims found in Estate Sim Cluster with the almost void part in East. Also, it is close to the shortest distance between the shores of Sansara and Jeogeot.

A043 is formed of 4 microcontinents, placed in a row. Each microcontinent is made of 3 to 4 sims (depending on time). Inside each microcontinent, all sims share a common name. Based on the names, all 4 are sandboxes.

Geography Edit

Unfortunately, access is not granted to everyone, so there is not enough data about what might be found there.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Main Channel Sandbox1
  • Blue Steel Sandbox3
  • Magnum Sandbox2
  • Le Tigre Sandbox3

See Also Edit

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