Endless Sim Group

Endless is a Sim Group with the temporary name A185, placed in Grid Sector J11, Coordinates 1062-1066/1103-1107, Little Northern Ocean. It is placed about 100 sims West to Corsica near the border with Central Ocean.

History Edit

Endless was discovered by SLGI team in winter 2013-2014. Since then, its map shape has not changed.

Structure & Geography Edit

Its shape is what makes it largely visible on map. The 8 sims are placed in a rombic form, with a large hole in its center and contact only at their corners. Sim names are: Endless Death, Endless Delirium, Endless Destruction, Endless Delight, Endless Destiny, Endless Desire, Endless Dream, Endless Despair.

Land Status Edit

All these sims are owned by a single estate. Land is divided into multiple parcels and has different status.

Land With Restricted Access is present. On our survey, the only parcels we could access is Unused Land, for sale. All Inhabited Land has ban lines or entity orbs that restricts access.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Endless Delirium
  • Endless Delight
  • Endless Death
  • Endless Despair

See Also Edit

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