Empower Immortal is a vampire system. It has many similarities with Bloodlines Vampire System.

Overall Edit

Empower Immortal offers a huge diversity of species, even custom species. So, you can be whatever you want. The system is hard to get started and will require a lot of patience or help from an expert.

The game includes souls, like Bloodlines Vampire System. You might hold your soul to yourself or you can have it possessed.

There are two groups of species: breathers (sort of humans) and undead (real vampires). Breathers slowly regenerate vital fluids and are bitten by the undead, who constantly lose them.

This is also a combat system, allowing you to fight against other registered players. Fighting consumes part of your resources.

The system seams not to interact with unregistered residents.

Demography Edit

The site allows you to scan after other residents by name. By using this function, SLGI team assumed that Empower players are 300 to 500 less then Bloodlines players.

Empower scanner is less effective then other scanners, you have to search for each player individual. So, a large-scale survey is hard to manage.

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