Elven Sims

Elven sims are composed of a Sim Cluster that contains 7 microcontinents and have also the temporary name A021. Coordinates are 551-562/1056-1066, Grid Sector E10, inside Far West Ocean.

History Edit

It was one of the first grid structures discovered by SLGI team.

This sim cluster had an interesting structure. It could be divided easy:

  • Elven Microcontinent (in center, 15 sims)
  • East Microcontinent(10 sims)
  • Shea Microcontinent (4 sims)
  • West Microcontinent (7 sims)
  • North-West Microcontinent (5 sims)
  • Far East Microcontinent (2 sims)
  • ShamRock Microcontinent (8 sims)
  • Flangan Sim Group (7 sims)
  • Unconnected sims

Only the LR Sims had such a big number of microcontinents inside.

Current Structure Edit

  • Elven Microcontinent (8 sims)
  • East Microcontinent(10 sims)
  • Shea Microcontinent (4 sims)
  • South Microcontinent (5 sims)
  • West Microcontinent (7 sims)
  • Vanima (2 sims)

Geography Edit

  • Elven microontinent is a place that is overwhelmed of green vegetation.
  • East microcontinent is more deserted then other places, but still in open air.
  • Shea microcontinent is full of wild places.
  • South microcontinent is most notable for its wilderness.
  • North-West microcontinent shows diversity.
  • Far East microcontinent contains residential land and water, but vegetation is not tropical.
  • Vamina Microcontinent hosts a large shop and interesting sky textures.
  • Unconnected sims show a big diversity.

It is interesting that population is made of furries. Also, highest Altitude detected was 102 meters.

Land Status Edit

There is a big number of estates in the area. Also, our survey detected no Land With Restricted Access.

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