Ancient Egypt

A298 is the transitory name for Egypt, a Microcontinent located at Coordinates 802-804/1235-1236, Grid Sector H12, Northern Ocean.

History Edit

According to Gridsurvey, this microcontinent is old, probably it was created in 2008.

Structure Edit

It is made of 4 sims and has not a compact shape.

Geography Edit

It is good to enter at the infohub in Terra Egipta. After a short briefing, visitors are welcome to enter the desert. There is a dock close to the infohub. Land is almost flat and ground texture resembles desert.

What makes this microcontinent unique, is the fact that it recreates the ancient Egypt. There is a huge pyramid, covering almost an entire sim, but is unfinished. Still, at its incredible height (174 meters), the great pyramid is the largest single construction that SLGI team has encountered on the grid. There is a second, smaller pyramid. And also, there are underground tombs.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Terra Egypta
  • Nile Valley
  • Lower Nile Valley
  • Caribgypta

See Also Edit

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