East Jeogeot Sims

A359 or East Jeogeot Sims is a Sim Group located at Coordinates 1033-1042/900-900, Grid Sector J9, Central Ocean.

History Edit

Data from Gridsurvey shows these sims are not old, they were created in 2011. SLGI team archive data shows them on a map created in 2014, but because of their small size, they were not listed.

Structure Edit

A359 is made of 3 sims, placed at the border between grid sectors J8 and J9. The most Western sim is very close to Jeogeot.

Geography Edit

There are no mountains, water is present in some areas.

  • Phoenyx is home of two high-fashion shops.
  • Idle Rouge is a more complex place, with some buildings and flat terrain.
  • Pea is home of a huge rock club and the most elevated sim.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Phoenyx
  • Idle Rogue
  • Pea

See Also Edit

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