J10 sector

A183 is the transitory name for East Heterocera Islands, (technically a Sim Group). Their coordinates are 1020-1033/1014-1025, inside Grid Sector J10, ocean is Little Pacific Ocean.

History Edit

SLGI team discovered this sim group in autumn 2013. since then, nothing has changed.

Structure Edit

The Sim Group A183 includes 6 sims, very easy to find on map, placed in West of Heterocera. They are close to continental shores and far from other sims.

Geography Edit

  • Documentation Island - no access
  • Is - no access
  • Torley - a cybernetic world
  • Here - a sim created for parcel testing (terraform & crossing)
  • Eventopia - no access
  • Burining Man - Deep Hole (an ice-covered world with ice caves).

Land Status Edit

It looks like these sims are Linden-owned, except for Burning Man - Deep Hole.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Documentation Island - no access
  • Is
  • Torley
  • Here
  • Eventopia
  • Burining Man - Deep Hole

See Also Edit

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