Drivers Microcontinent

A341 is the transitory name for Drivers (unofficial name), a Microcontinent discovered at Coordinates 1002-1005/1166-1171, Grid Sector J11, Little Pacific Ocean.

History Edit

Data from Gridsurvey shows that A341 has an active history. Construction started in 2009, with the first created sims. Others were added in 2010, 2011 and even in 2015. SLGI team discovered A341 in August 2015, hidden in the sim density of A187 Sim Cluster.

Structure Edit

A341 is made of 11 sims and has a diffuse, elongated shape. Many sims have related names with driving activities and places, this is where the unofficial name originates.

Geography Edit

Land has complex Geographic features. There are many hills and flat land is not often found. There are many rivers that cross the land. Also, all land is surrounded by ocean water.

Vegetation is always present, under the form of a forest with large trees or as rare trees along the roads. Buildings are present too. Building style resemble more an old suburbia, with enough vegetation. Land is residential.

As expected, a network of roads cross all land. The roads are not made for racing.

This estate is created for those who love country music.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Park Circle
  • Casablanca Bay
  • Seaside Drive West
  • Park Drive

See Also Edit

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