Didake Microcontinent

A227 - Didake is a Microcontinent observed at Coordinates 1062-1065/967-969, Grid Sector J9, Central Ocean. Name comes from a word used by many sims here.

History Edit

Didake was observed by SLGI team in spring 2014. At that time, it was made of 9 sims. On August 9th 2015, only 7 sims were found.

Structure Edit

This is one of the largest microcontinents found in the area (7 sims). Yt has a compact shape.

Geography Edit

From a Geographic point of view, this microcontinent is a large plain. Except for a hill in the center, all land is flat. The road network is highly developed, allowing access from any place to any place. It is a residential place, with many large homes. Shops are also present.

This microcontinent can be considered a City.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Didake Etheliel
  • Soken
  • New Jericho
  • Misthaven

See Also Edit

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