Depraved Nation

A321 is the transitory name for Depraved Nation (also an unofficial name), a Microcontinent discovered at Coordinates 900-902/1121-1122, Grid Sector I11, Little Northern Ocean.

History Edit

According to Gridsurvey, construction of this microcontinent started around 2010.

Structure Edit

A321 is made of 5 sims with an almost compact structure. It has a dark color on map.

Geography Edit

The microcontinent hosts a large City. Despite the name, it is not a dark urban roleplay. It is not a roleplay area and does not exactly fill into the definition of Dark Sims. In fact, it is a large shopping area.

The city is made of streets, surrounded by high buildings. At the basement of each building, there are shops.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Industrial Port
  • Depraved Nation
  • District
  • Metropolis

See Also Edit

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