Coeur Microcontinent

Coeur (or A094 on its transitory name) is a Microcontinent detected at Coordinates 556-559/1116-1123, Grid Sector E11, Far West Ocean.

History Edit

French communities existed in Second Life maybe from its first days. The Lindens even made an attempt to create a French neighborhood while creating Corsica, a French continent. However, Corsica never became a French virtual colony.

The roots of Coeur Microcontinent are, according to Gridsurvey Database, as deep as 2005. In past, it was larger and it often changed shape. The second survey of SLGI team found it as having 11 or 12 sims (summer 2013), the same amount found in June 2015.

Structure Edit

It is made of 12 sims, all sharing the name Coeur. This is a French microcontinent, but you can find your way through even if the only language you know is English. Close to the center, two sims are linked only at their corners, making a break in structure and transportation ways.

Geography Edit

Many parts are urban. Buildings are in an old style and usually they are connected one to another, so they have common walls. In some places, there are passages over the roads There are shops (boutiques).. Road system covers the entire microcontinent. They are built for horse traction, not for cars. Water and waterways also exist, including rivers.

Geographic features are more realistic and include hills.

Rural areas are also present. A good destination is the large garden found in sim Provence Coeur Est 2.

Land Status Edit

It is very easy to walk along this microcontinent. Land With Restricted Access was not found.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Provence Coeur Est2
  • Coeur d Azur
  • Bay of Naples
  • Pitou Coeur

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