Chestnut Microcontinent

A237 is the temporary name of Chestnut Microcontinent, a grid structure discovered at Coordinates 513-515/1245-1246, Grid Sector E12, North - West Ocean.

History Edit

The microcontinent was discovered by SLGI team in June 2015, but according to [ Gridsurvey], some sims existed since 2008, others vanished in 2012, while other sims were created in 2015.

Geography Edit

Chestnut is a compact Microcontinent, made of 5 sims, linked together.

All 5 sims share some common features. They have hills and small mountains (altitude below 40 meters), they all have vegetation and some of them have rivers. Another feature is the presence of an extensive network of roads. Their purpose is not to ensure fast access between sims. In fact, the roads look more like rally tracks. Buildings are also present, but in harmony with nature.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Chestnut Isle
  • Chestnut Bay
  • Almstedt Lake
  • Havilland Lake2

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