Celebration Sea

A355 is the transitory name for Celebration Sea a temporary Microcontinent, Sim Group or Sim Cluster located at Coordinates 1014-1040/1020-1045, Grid Sector J10, Central Ocean.

Location Edit

A355 - Celebration Sea is located East to Heterocera and North - East to Sansara. Depending on time, it might host a microcontinent, a sim cluster, a sim group or just be void ocean.

History Edit

SLGI team, when defining Oceans for the first time, named the area East to Heterocera as Celebration Sea. This is the place where occasional sims are created, to serve as land for special events. Each year, during Second Life Birthday, a few sims are created to serve as a place for parties. Occasionally, during other events, a small number of sims might be created for a limited time.

Structure Edit

Depending on event, the number of existing sims might vary. In 2015, 15 sims were used to form a microcontinent. The structure was detected by SLGI team on a quick survey done in May 25th, but vanished later in July.

On other occasions, smaller grid structures were detected, up to only two sims. However, there are large amounts of time when there is nothing and Celebration Sea becomes Void Ocean. This is the reason why Celebration Sea is listed both at List Of Microcontinents And Sim Clusters and at Vanished Grid Structures.

Geography Edit

Each time something is created here, everything is different. Ground texture might vary from bare ground to grass or flowers. There might be mountains or flat terrain. roads, railways can exist or people can simply walk from a parcel to another. Everything can change.

Depending on theme, there can be an exposition, a large party or anything else.

Land Status Edit

Land is Linden-owned (mainland). However, not always land is opened for public. There are periods when no access is granted, or when only builders can enter, as well as times when access is granted to public.

See Also Edit

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