Calas Galadhon

A125 or Callas Galadhon is the temporary name of a Microcontinent found at Coordinates 791-793/1340-1343, Grid Sector G13, Northern Ocean.

History Edit

In late 2013, it was made of 11 sims. Earlier data suggests it had only 4 sims. In July 2015, it was made of 12 sims. There was a controversial about this microcontinent because, at that time, there were many gay places nearby. Still, there is no gay settlement on Calas Galadhon up to this date.

Structure & Geography Edit

This microcontinent has low stone mountains and endless forests, while in other places water vegetation covers large swamps. There are also many paintings visible. This microcontinent is ideal for recreation in nature and in its club. For those who love art, who are attracted to landscapes and who like to take snapshots, visiting Calas Galadhon is an experience not to forget.

Land Status Edit

There is no restricted access. Feel yourself like in an exposition, go and visit whatever you like.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Grey Havens
  • Calas Galadhon
  • South Farthing

See Also Edit

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