A296 is the transitory name for CNDG, a Microcontinent located at Coordinates 827-833/1276-1277, Grid Sector H12, Northern Ocean.

History Edit

According to Gridsurvey, this microcontinent came to life in summer 2014.

Structure Edit

A296 is made of 12 sims, all sharing the common CNDG letters in their name, initials of Chant Newall Development Group. The microcontinent is made to reproduce some important historical buildings.

Geography Edit

A296 is made of many islands. Majority of them are uninhabited, covered only with grass and rare trees. In some cases, buildings can be found, but they are modern. Most probably, this microcontinent is yet undeveloped and much work still needs to be done.

Land Status Edit

Land is ranked General. There is a single estate owning the area.

Sim Examples Edit

  • CNDG Conference Center
  • CNDG Campus NW
  • CNDG HealthSciences S
  • CNDG Sea NE

See Also Edit

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