Blu Isle Microcontinent

A334 is the transitory name for Blu Isle, a Microcontinent identified at Coordinates 1048-1052/1281-1284, Grid Sector J12, Northern Ocean.

History Edit

Data from Gridsurvey shows that a large part of the microcontinent did not exist before 2014, but another part was created around 2008. SLGI team did not find any large grid structure within the area in 2013 or 2014. In May 25th 2015, presence of a microcontinent in the area was proven. However, since its discovery time and August 5th 2015, new sims were added.

Structure Edit

Blu Isle is made of 13 sims and has an L shape. Northern sims have a lighter texture then Southern sims.

Geography Edit

There is a large, central landmass, with a few inner lakes and rivers. Only to West, there is an island. In most of cases, land is flat, but an altitude scan can reveal very smooth hills. There are many homes, that look like suburbs. Vegetation is tropical. A network of roads allow easy access to any parcel. Along the waterways, surfable waves exist.

There is a rollercoaster in Black Hills (see Small Railways).

Land Status Edit

Land is owned by a single estate. Land destination is residential. Roads are all Protected Land.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Black Beauty
  • Alicorns Hold
  • Pleasant Shore
  • Cool Springs

See Also Edit

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