Bikers Microcontinent

A241 is the temporary name of a Microcontinent discovered in June 2015 by SLGI team. Its name is Bikers Microcontinent and is located at Coordinates 603-605/-1351-1353, Grid Sector F13, North - West Ocean.

History Edit

According to [ Gridsurvey], the microcontinent has formed in 2014. It was discpvered by SLGI team on a grid scan.

Structure Edit

It is made of 6 sims.

Geography Edit

The microcontinent consists of a central flat plain and border regions with different features. The central plain is perfectly flat, without waterways. A network of straight roads give access to all parcels. Majority of buildings are shops and clubs for bikers. Border regions are more different, they include ranches, tropical islands, some hills and waterways to separate parcels.

Central part looks like a town for bikers, while the border areas are rural land, usually residential.

Land Status Edit

Most probably, land is owned by a single estate. There is plenty of land for sale, but still the amount of Inhabited Land is larger. Protected Land is also present.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Harley Alley
  • Biker World
  • Savannah Beach
  • Motor Club City

See Also Edit

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