Babbage (or A034 on its temporary name) is a Microcontinent, situated at Coordinates 630-633/1002-1004, Grid Sector F10, Far West Ocean.

History Edit

Babbage has its own history, just like the Caledon - Winterfell continent and, just like Caledon, it is a Steampunk-themed community inspired to the first days of steam engines. It was identified in 2013 by SLGI team. At that time, it looked almost the same as it looked in June 2016.

Structure Edit

Babbage is a steampunk community made of 11 sims.

Geography Edit

Altitude is not high, in fact the Babbage Micro-continent is a large plain. Water is present and there are docks in the South (for example, at Port Babbage and Vernian Sea sims), but they are not large enough for big ships. The overall landscape is of an urban setting. The entire micro-continent is a city, except for the northernmost sim, The Fells. There are many industrial areas.

An interesting fact is that in some places there is eternal night with smog in the air. In other places, there is eternal day, but with sky full of dark clouds, while in the northernmost sim, sky is blue and there is eternal day.

Transportation Edit

There is a large network of roads and paths, like in any big city. There are even a few water channels that might be navigable for boats. The biggest surprise is the presence of Babbage Railway, a suspended rail that goes through the city.

Land Status Edit

Land is owned by a single estate. Protected Land and Inhabited Land exist. Land for sale is also found.

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