Avilion is a Microcontinent, also listed by SLGI team with transitory name A245. It is located at Coordinates 660-662/1219-1222, Grid Sector F12, inside North - West Ocean.

History Edit

The microcontinent is older (some sims were created between 2005 and 2008), but it was not detected by SLGI team until June 2015.

Structure Edit

Avilion is a long strait of 6 sims, not set in a straight row. Two other nearby sims share the same name, showing that they are related and maybe they are part of an older, larger structure.

Geography Edit

Avilion is a fantastic, magic old-historical microcontinent. Many parts are just like tales from ancient stories. Majority of places are middle-aged, but still some are of different ages. There are a lot of buildings. Nature is present and offers a high variety of plants. Ground texture is green and there is a high variety of terrains, including mountains, plateaus and coastal land.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Avilion
  • Avilion Fincayra
  • Avilion Nexus
  • Avilion Mist

See Also Edit

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