Atlas Estates

A293 is the transitory name of Atlas Estates, a Microcontinent located at Coordinates 875-875/1315-1319, Grid Sector H13, Northern Ocean.

History Edit

According to Gridsurvey, creation of this microcontinent started in 2011 and it is possible that at some point it was larger then today.

Structure Edit

A293 is made of 5 sims in a row. All 5 share the common name Atlas Estates.

Geography Edit

Atlas Estates is a Tropical Beach Paradise. Land is divided into many islands, available for sale or used by residents.

Land Status Edit

Land rating is Adult. Protected Land does not exist and Land With Restricted Access is found often.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Atlas Estates
  • Atlas Estates12
  • Atlas Estates17
  • Atlas Estates11

See Also Edit

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