Ami Sim Group

The temporary name is A156, Coordinates are 992-993/844-845, that corresponds to Grid Sector I8, inside the diffuse Southern Ocean.

History Edit

Being an isolated grid structure, Ami was identified by SLGI team in late 2013.

Structure Edit

It consists of two sims, both sharing the word Ami.

This Sim Group is formed of two sims, in contact on their corners. They are named Ami and Ami Bahamas Estates. They are home of a swinger group and are ranked as adult.

Geography Edit

The Geography of the two sims is that of a Tropical Beach Paradise, with sand texture for ground, with a lot of water and palm trees, but also with a lot of people. Place is opened for public. Unfortunately, scripts are not allowed.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Ami
  • Ami Bahamas Estates

See Also Edit

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