Ambrosia Subcontinent

Ambrosia is a Subcontinent made of a very long island and its surrounding shores, located at the East end of Nautilus Continent. SLGI team gave to this subcontinent the transitory name B008.

Structure Edit

The subcontinent is made of 9 sims, majority of them placed in a line. Except for some waterways in South, all land is Inhabited Land. Protected Land exists in South, as part of Grumpchmunch Channel. The entire subcontinent is surrounded by Protected Land, forming large waterways.

Coordinates are 1132-1134/1064-1068.

Geography Edit


Altitude map

Ambrosia is a long island, usually only one sim wide. It is made almost entirely of sand, with little hills covered by grass. In some parts, the island is less then 100 meters wide. In East (Tails sim), thanks to a peninsula, there is a large lagoon.

Altitude rises to 46 meters on top of the highest hills.

along the coast, there are many artificial islands and platforms.

Constructions Edit

The largest of all constructions is the airport located in Ballista sim. There are also a few airstrips and heliports on nearby sims. Also, there are large docks designed to work from small boats to large ships. Beach houses are also present, together with other luxurious buildings.

Vegetatation And Fauna Edit


Tropical forest and a robot

The high hills are covered by tropical forests. The coast also hosts tropical vegetation. Marine life must exist, at least under the form of sharks. Swans also exist. Other forms of life were detected, including a giant robot, that looks to be partially alive.

Land Status Edit

Almost all land is Inhabited Land and it appears that rental corporations do not own all land. There are also small land owners. Ban lines and entity orbs are present, but on a larger scale then in other places.


A lagoon

Transportation Edit

Yacht Club Marina is a located in Tails sim and covers a large surface. It is a large port full of yachts and ships.

Ballista Airport and the surrounding airstrips and heliports are fully operational.

The surrounding waterways are opened for sailors and pilots and part of them also for automated vehicles.

Channels Edit

The Grumpchmunch Channel is the South border of this subcontinent. It is large enough to be used by huge ships and airplanes. Also, the Xander Passage, located in North-West, provides a connection, but much harder to pass. Both are used by automated vehicles.

Problems Edit

Since all land is inhabited, there are places with high lag, not recommended for people with bad connections or low-performance computers.

See Also Edit

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