Amazon Microcontinent

A307 is the transitory name of Amazon, a Microcontinent located at Coordinates 832-835/969-972, Grid Sector H9, Western Ocean.

History Edit

According to Gridsurvey, the first sims were created in 2009. Since then, new sims were added.

Structure Edit

The microcontinent is made of 10 sims, 8 forming a compact structure.

Geography Edit

This is a very deep jungle. Exploring it is a hard job and a real experience.

The starting point is the infohub. There, visitors can get a few things to make their journey more easy. There are many paths, all going through the jungle. It is possible, but very tricky, to find your own way, avoiding roads. Access is also possible by boat, through the rivers. There is even an underground world, inside an ancient pyramid. Density of plants is not always the same. Along the river, it is hard to get across, but on mountain top, plants are more rare.

Altitude was measured to be up to 100 meters.

Sky and water have a special texture. Ground texture is usually dark green.

Constructions can be found from place to place. They vary from ruins (of many forms) to camp tents. There also are many weak wooden bridges along the way. In some places, there are wooden structures made to protect against an ambush.

Land Status Edit

Land is ranked Adult. Flying is forbidden. All visitors must wear a HUD, in order to be animated properly. Beware, there are traps along the way. You might get killed or saved by the local tribes. Since land is ranked adult, you can see naked people.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Rio Solimoes
  • Parana do Careiro
  • CatAdore
  • Glint

See Also Edit

Premium Wilderness is another wilderness, created for premium residents. However, it has not that complexity Amazon has (and is almost unpopulated).

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