Airport Railway

Airport Railway

Airport Microcontinent hosted a railway that stretched through two sims: Flight and Apolon Island. It was a modern tram line, without guide. Also, it had its own automated train. As of 2016, the two sims, Flight and Jetski, had disappeared, and the railway was still present in the remaining sim, Apolon Island.

Layout Edit

The railway is in fact a tram line, with large rails and without rail slippers. Cars can cross over it. Since it has no guide, Heterocera's classic trains cannot ride on it.

Structure Edit

Distances are listed here, from East to West, in km.

Line end:                0.00
Apolon Island Station:   0.09
Flight/Apolon Border:    0.22
Flight Station 1:        0.31
Flight Station 2:        0.40

The only station with two lines is Apolon, where a backup train is usually waiting.

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