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Official name: Anti Bloodlines Spam & Harassment

The ABS team is the largest group or organization fighting against spam created by vampire systems.

Overall Edit

From all organizations, Anti Bloodlines Spam & Harassment (or simply, ABS) is the largest group existing today. This group grew exponentially. It reached 1000 members in an year and passed 10 000 members in over two years.

ABS is known as a very active organization. They fight against spammers, not only from Bloodlines Vampire System and other vampire systems, but also against other aggressive people.

Activity Edit

ABS has a large database that includes all griefers and spammers they encountered in all their activity.

ABS have fired many support tickets and abuse reports towards the Linden officials. They tend to be a protective organization and fight to protect abused and attacked residents from aggression and vampire systems.

Their headquarters have been the Zebrasil Infohub for a long time. In 2015, they created their own hub (Valerian <91, 216, 27>). There, everybody can run from vampire aggressors A lot of educational materials exist at their base and all can be downloaded for free.

ABS team use to send messengers in public areas (infohubs or the social islands), wearing a display and sending chat warnings about griefer activity.

ABS has a strong support from many residents. In July 12th 2015, they had 11084 members. Having so many members in two years is amazing, it is higher then the rate at which new vampires are made. And also, as an indirect result, compared between 2013 and 2015, the number of random bite requests in public places has decreased significantly.

Conflicts Edit

Still, there are residents that accuse ABS of spam and unfair reports. They even formed a group, called Anti ABS Spam Group. They accuse the ABS messengers and consider their messages as spam.

Fighting against Bloodlines Vampire System, against various spammers and against unfair aspects of Second Life multiverse, ABS sometimes gathered many enemies. This has resulted into conflicts, in many cases reaching up to the Linden authorities. In many cases, also the Lindens have been accused of corruption or unfair decisions. This has sometimes ended with punishment on ABS leaders, but also to the enemies of ABS team. But, no matter what is happening, ABS messengers will always return back.

Also, many people accused that majority (if not all) ABS messengers are in fact bots.

Database Edit

At their headquarters in Valerian <91, 216, 27>, the ABS team displays part of their activity. That place is also a safe area where people can get a refuge from attackers.

ABS team have a huge database. They record all griefer and spammer attacks since the beginning of their activity.

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