A361 Sim Cluster

A361 is the transitory name of a Sim Cluster located at Coordinates 1147-1157/1260-1268, Grid Sector K12, Eastern Ocean.

History Edit

Based on Gridsurvey, it looks like the first sim was created in 2008 and the last in 2015. The vast majority were created in 2015. Older maps from SLGI team revealed that in summer 2014 there was no sim.

Structure Edit

A361 is made of 25 sims, with a perfect mathematical disposition (squares). Between each two sims, there is a void sim. Also, all 25 look the same.

Geography Edit

Visitors are not allowed to enter. All 25 sims are Land With Restricted Access. So, there is no way to know the Geographic features of the microcontinent.

Sim Examples Edit

  • ParisPlage officielle
  • Crepuscule
  • Nyagara
  • Quirina

See Also Edit

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