A320 Sim Cluster

A320 is the transitory name of a Sim Cluster located at Coordinates 901-948/1125-1143, Grid Sector I11, Little Northern Ocean and Western Ocean.

History Edit

In 2014, the area where A320 is now, was occupied by Unassociated Sims. In 2015, because some nearby parts of the map lost a significant percent of sim population, the sim cluster became visible on map.

The sim cluster was imaged first in April 25th, 2015. A long Microcontinent could also be seen at that time. However, in late July 2015, the microcontinent was gone.

Structure Edit

A320 is an unorganized sim cluster, made of 57 sims. Sims are placed more at random. Usually, there is a gap of one or two sims between each sim. There are in some places sims connected.

Geography Edit

In majority of cases, land is divided into smaller parcels, by paths or by water. More then half of these sims are a Tropical Beach Paradise, with lots of sand and tiny islands of grass, much water and tropical vegetation. To South, there are some places where ground texture resembles grass.

Land is usually flat, with low elevations.

Land Status Edit

Residential land is the dominant type of land. A second category is land for sale, while the 3rd is Uninhabited Land. Land With Restricted Access exists.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Noweeta
  • Eyre
  • Boston Nightlife

See Also Edit

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